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This is a list of services offered by the Zebbug Tennis Club. Should you wish to receive further information about any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the Contact Us facility provided on this website.

Group Coaching:

Available for all ages, all levels and any day of the week either make up your own group or join one at the club. Lessons are of 1Hr each.

Individual Coaching:

Available for anyone interested, times to be arranged with our coach.

Team Building

We organize Team Building for companies and other institutions. Activities include Tennis, Touch Tennis, swimming and related pool activities, basketball and volleyball.
All these are done within the complex. A car park holding 300 cars is also available.

Racquet Stringing & Changing of Racquet grips:

Available for all club members at reduced rates. Racquet grip replacements are all done using only top class branded grips.

Booking of tennis courts online:

Available for all club members but booking must be confirmed at least twenty four hours before. Cancellations will only be entertained twelve hours before. Court booking available for non club members at increased rates.

Tennis Holidays

Tennis holidays and Learn English and play tennis in Malta available at great rates. Click here for more info on our great Tennis holiday packages.


Get fit for tennis available in association with the club.

Cardio Tennis

A new fun group activity featuring drills to give players of all abilities an ultimate high energy workout. Participants consistently elevate their heart rates into to their aerobic training zone. You can burn more calories than playing singles or doubles tennis. One gets short cycles of high intensity workout and periods of rest

ThunderBall Circuit training

Great opportunity for anyone wanting to: Lose weight, Achieve a healthy body and therefore a healthy mind, Complete body conditioning & Improved flexibility.

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